NEW ENERGY TOKYO to be held on September 7 (Thu), 8 (Fri), 9 (Sat), 10 (Sun), 2023 at SHINJYUKU SUMITOMO BUILDING SANKAKUHIROBA

EN 出展

Creating a New Era, the Creation Festival

NEW ENERGY, curated by Blue Marble, is a festival of creation encompassing exhibitions, markets, and media. What will be created here is a new energy with creation at its core. Creators of a wide variety of expressions will participate in the festival, creating a high-quality meeting place for visitors who are discerning about the essence of what they do. Please enjoy the uplifting and diverse world of creation that only a festival where creators gather and a physical place can offer.


It is said that civilization began when mankind acquired “fire. People have been creating and acquiring various kinds of energy for better living. In the year 2022, we, who are concerned about the future of the earth, have returned to the starting point of “human abundance” and named the energy driven by the heart “NEW ENERGY.

The exhibition will not remain a conventional joint exhibition, but will also serve as a marketplace where creators and exhibitors can meet with customers, and as a media outlet, aiming to create new value through creations. With a view to revitalizing and expanding the community, the exhibition is scheduled to tour not only Tokyo, but also other regions and overseas. Creation and art are full of energy and hints for the future. NEW ENERGY will create a place where creators with sensitive, beautiful, and abundant creativity and the people who enjoy them can gather. We look forward to meeting you in a space filled with energy and exuberance.


While retaining its traditional function as an exhibition, it will communicate the ideas and creativity of participating brands to a large audience through interaction with a wide range of customers, leading to the fostering of a highly engaged community.

  • You can sell products while exhibiting at the show.

    You can sell products while exhibiting at the show.

    Possibly even make up for the exhibitor fee with selling your products ! Product sales will be available throughout the exhibition. MARKET DAY are for general visitors who come to your booth, while BUSINESS DAY are also open for merchandise sales, besides wholesale business.
    Average sales amount: 120,000(JPY) + tax Centralized checkout / commission 30 %

  • Online Order Service

    Online Order Service

    Open to New Energies exhibitors who wish to participate.

    Cooperation Service:

    *This service is limited to companies with corporations in Japan.

  • Chance to be selected for a corporate collaboration!

    Chance to be selected for a corporate collaboration!

    New Energies is committed to tie-ups with a variety of companies.

    ~ Example ~
    ・Exhibitors were selected for art exhibits and amenities at HOTEL
    ・New Energizer POP-UP event at a commercial facility

  • Connections among exhibitors are created.

    Connections among exhibitors are created.

    More and more people cite "building connections among brands" as the purpose of exhibiting at trade shows. This is a great way to meet a variety of exhibitors that you would not normally encounter, and it can lead to collaborations that transcend genres. Our management staff can act as intermediaries for brands you are interested in.


Blue Marble

Blue Marble|Organizer

Blue Marble is a Creation Community. Inspiring society, culture and education by creating communities where the art replaces language and a conversation is started, diversity is celebrated, this is “creation” . We believe creation enriches humanity.

About Blue Marble


TDS Mita Building 6F, 2-7-13 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo
108-0073, Japan

Our Message

  • Anri Ishizuka|NEW ENERGY Producer

    Anri Ishizuka|NEW ENERGY Producer

    NEW ENERGY is an alternative venue that does not fit into the existing format of a joint exhibition or market event. We believe that this commemorative first event will be a place where people can experience the raw energy of the event firsthand, and a “festival” that celebrates encounters. What is the best way to communicate in this age of unquantifiable wealth brought about by creation? We would like to create this place with people who love expression and creativity, who gather together in real and online spaces and across national borders. We do not intend to make everything new compared to what we have done in the past, but we would like to transmit information according to the times while incorporating the scheme we have cultivated in rooms. (Anri Ishizuka)

  • Mutsumi Watanabe|NEW ENERGY Conceptor

    Mutsumi Watanabe|NEW ENERGY Conceptor

    An innovation event to expand the community. The first source of ENERGY that mankind used was fire. With the industrial revolution of the 18th century, energy development continued with coal, oil, and gas, and eventually reached the point of nuclear energy, which is beyond human knowledge. We believe that the enthusiasm and passion of various creators to create 1 from 0 is the original source of human ENERGY, and that the community where such ENERGY gathers is NEW ENERGY. I am convinced that by creating power, we can see the light of an innovative future. (Mutsumi Watanabe)

  • Directing Support:Takanao Muramatsu

    Directing Support:Takanao Muramatsu

    After working as an editor for a culture magazine, he founded H.P. France in 1984. In 2001, he relocated to New York and launched “PaToNe,” a three-city project that started simultaneously in Paris, Tokyo, and New York. For a quarter of a century, he has developed and branded a multifaceted lifestyle and culture-related business centered on fashion, interior design, and art.

    In April 2021, he established Takanao Muramatsu Co.” Producing diverse businesses under the concept of “Renaissance after the pandemic.